Natasha was born in the Bronx, New York and formally educated at Kent Christian College and Eastern University. She graduated as valedictorian with Magna Cum Laude honors in Religious Studies and Education, respectively. Natasha Piñero has strong ties to the island of Aruba through her island born mother and numerous family members that call the island home.

Natasha applied her educational skills to corporate America by joining one of the top 3 largest banks in America, as part of their corporate training team. After 8 years with them, Natasha worked for the 2nd largest bank in the world and matriculated her career to Vice President of Retail Banking and Wealth Management. After 13 years with this financial institution, Natasha decided to make the most significant transition of her professional life and embark on a journey of entrepreneurship. She started her own enterprise called Sapphire Management and Consultant Group LLC. Sapphire specializes in customization, design and facilitation of corporate training services for business entities on all levels and through a cross section of industries. Additionally, Sapphire is committed to partnering with not for profit, religious, charitable or other community organizations that are dedicated to meeting the needs of those who would make this world a better place to live in. At present, Sapphire is engaging in various programs that are dedicated to improving the resources dedicated to American military personnel. They are doing so by providing comprehensive transitional education to veterans as they evolve their careers from military to civilian professional life.

Most recently, Sapphire has expanded its borders by taking on the role of a commercial incubator by birthing out its very own business network. The newest addition to the Sapphire Business Alliance Group is Ley Cayes Partners LLC. Les Cayes is a venture capitalist resource firm dedicated to fueling global connections and linking financiers with large international projects and endeavors. Les Cayes Partners has been included in a White House initiate through the Small Business Administration to uncover ways to increase the success rate of African American business owners throughout this great country.

Lastly, Sapphire has recently established a business pillar which will warehouse its CEO’s public speaking and literary work endeavors. This latest venture is known as Sapphire Speaks. This venture is Natasha’s commitment to encourage the importance of maintaining and imparting positivity and focus into the everyday lives of readers and listeners, throughout the world!