Komi S. Klu, FLMI, CSM, CSPO

Komi S. Klu is a multi-lingual well-respected Financial Services Executive with over 15 years of proven success in driving operational efficiencies and spearheading efforts to prevent and mitigate reputational, financial and operational risks for large global financial institutions, including Capital One Finance and HSBC. Concurrently, Komi has provided leadership and training consulting services, assisting organizations in building solutions for large scale, complex business challenges in support of global economic development and risk management strategies. Komi has earned a reputation for the innovative and strategic leadership he brings to the financial services industry, as well as to global humanitarian initiatives. In addition, Komi is currently assisting Sub Saharan African and global financial institutions become efficient, well managed, and compliant with international legal requirements, including anti-money laundering regulations.

For the past 5 years, Komi has held management positions overseeing governance, risk management, and claims processing operations for the Debt Protection Operations of Capital One Finance (Wilmington, DE). As Manager of Governance and Risk at Capital One Finance, he managed risk for a portfolio of 1 million accounts with Debt Protection products. Prior to joining Capital One, Komi held key management positions during his 12 years with HSBC Insurance Services (Bridgewater, NJ), a subsidiary of HSBC Group, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations with an international network throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. As Vice President of Operations and head of Bancassurance Risk for North America at HSBC, he led and developed a high-performing team of 60 managers and employees, and managed risk for a portfolio of 12.5 million accounts, saving the bank multi-million dollars from potential fraudulent activities. Prior to his VP role, Komi had oversight for multi-lingual Customer Service Call Centers in the United States and India, and was successful in the design and execution of global business process outsourcing initiatives, saving HSBC nearly $2 million.

Significant accomplishments include:

  • Komi leveraged his Lean Agile expertise to build an agile workforce and culture, reengineer operational processes, and build a controls framework which resulted in exemplary regulatory and internal audit results.
  • While previously managing the Capital One Claims Department, Komi spearheaded collaborations with all stakeholders to define intent, identify operational risks, and build a structure that was effective in both measuring and mitigating these risks.
  • • Komi’s impact on driving operational efficiencies and managing risk within the global financial services industry, has influenced his international consulting efforts as well. He brings both passion and dedication to building global collaborative partnerships in support of business intelligence, economic development and capacity building efforts in Africa, India and Brazil.
  • Komi is Senior Vice President of Emigroup (Accra, Ghana), where he has been instrumental as both an executive and consultant in facilitating numerous business deals for U.S. and Asian companies in Africa, and identifyingand preventing fraudulent financial activities.
  • Komi serves as a Consultant with Kaba Qualite (Lomé, Togo), delivering business consulting and collaboration on projects and initiatives jointly funded by USAID in support of Good Governance in West Africa.
  • Komi is a sought-after speaker for nationwide (U.S.) conferences focusing on economic development in Africa, and is a Visiting Professor for the University of Lomé Law School.